Negarra A. Kudumu Goes the Extra Mile, City Arts

Negarra A. Kudumu Goes the Extra MileCity Arts, March 17, 2017

“I’m always thinking, always working on something,” she says while crossing the street toward Volunteer Park. “Walking is a way to clear my head.” 

If Kudumu is not working as manager of public programs at the Frye Art Museum, writing essays or curating exhibitions, the Chicago native walks the neighborhoods of Seattle, often from the Central District to Volunteer Park on Capitol Hill. When we meet up on a Saturday afternoon, Kudumu shifts into an uptempo stride to take us to her site of solitude: the Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery, where mismatched patches of fresh grass are lined with worn tombstones of Civil War heroes. “It’s a strange place,” Kudumu says. “But it’s quiet. I can think there.” Seattle’s serenity is one of the reasons Kudumu has felt so at home since she moved here three years ago.