2023 Spiritual Hygiene Member Circle

In 2023, the Spiritual Hygiene Member Circle will be limited exclusively to members of THEE Communiversity who are patrons at the Ngonda / Moon tier and above. Use this link to join. We start January 21, 2023 at 9 am PST!

Join The Spiritual Hygiene Member Circle

monthly continuing education for those ready to dive into spiritual hygiene

What you get

All members get exclusive, private access to:

  • twice monthly members live video sessions (via private YouTube link)

    • twice monthly lectures with live q&a; and

    • online community with ongoing discussion between lectures; and

    • group activities focused on spiritual hygiene, ancestor veneration, mediumship and related topics (via Google Group and Hangouts);

  • priority notification and registration for classes and workshops;

  • 10% on all master classes;

  • 15% discount on select healing services and all products, excluding eBooks, for the duration of the membership;

  • access to the members-only video archive for the duration of the membership; and

  • opportunities for a free, 30 minute, one-on-one session with me (limited slots available)

Why become a member

The Membership Program is for those who want to immerse themselves in a communal learning environment that focuses on the knowledge systems, semantics, history, and culture pertaining to spiritual hygiene, ancestor veneration, and mediumship. This is an opportunity to participate in community with others in a nurturing, collegial, respectful, and most importantly, healing centered environment. Spiritual hygiene is an important part of our healing journey and is vital to establishing an empowered and self-determined personal healing practice.

New topics will be introduced monthly via a live video presentation with an opportunity for Q&A. Discussion on these topics will continue throughout the month.The topic discussions are the pulse of the program and have been carefully curated to introduce you to the whys and hows of spiritual hygiene. Topics will include but are not limited to: divination, prayer, African-rooted spiritual systems, plant consciousness, ancestor veneration, spiritual guides, mediumship, altars and shrines, and seeking out a spiritual mentor.

The curriculum will follow the structure of my Spiritual Hygiene eBook and topics covered will be drawn from these five broad categories:

  1. Spiritual connectivity

  2. Venerating and Communicating With Ancestors and Spirit Guides

  3. Maintenance of Your Ancestor Altars and Shrines

  4. Removing stagnancy and negativity, ushering in Dynamic and Generative Energies

  5. Establishing your spiritual hygiene schedule


Monthly - $32.50 per month for 12 months. ($390.00 total)

Quarterly - Quarterly w/ 10% discount. $87.75 every 3 months for 12 months. ($351.00 total)

Pay in Full - Annually w/ 20% discount. Charged once up front $312.00.

    Upon subscribing, you will be automatically charged. Subsequent payments will be scheduled according to the payment plan you choose. Once the first payment is received, members will receive a welcome email, the syllabus, and an invitation to join the members-only online Google Group and Google Hangout. 24 hours before the start of each live video session, members will receive a private link in both the Group and Hangout inviting them to participate in the live session.

    Guidelines and Expectations


    Subscribing to this Membership Circle constitutes your agreement to act in accordance with the terms and conditions of Crossroad Healing Arts (listed here), as well as these guidelines;

    1. We will not presume anything. If we are unsure, we will ask a question;

    2. We will not engage in nor enable destructive and dysfunctional behaviors of any kind;

    3. We will respectfully disagree and offer constructive criticism without resorting to offensive speech;

    4. We will only speak for ourselves, citing our personal lived experience, using “I” statements;

    5. All benefits and learning tools are specific to this subscription program only and will cease immediately upon cancellation of your subscription;

    6. To insure the privacy and confidentiality of members who are sharing their personal experiences, members may not share any information (videos, Group and Hangouts conversations, etc.) outside of the Member Circle;

    7. This program operates on a three-strike rule. Anyone found in violation of one or more guidelines will be removed from the program after the third instance, without refund, and will not be permitted to rejoin;

    8. By joining the Membership Program, you provide your consent to save your contact information for the purposes of managing your account and correspondence; and

    9. You may cancel your subscription at any time. To do so, send an email here requesting your subscription be cancelled. Within 72 hours you will receive confirmation of your cancellation via email.


    This program is not a preparation for initiation. You will not participate in any spiritual rituals or ceremonies. You will not be initiated into any spiritual traditions. This program does not provide certification of any kind nor does participation in this program count towards professional development credits or clock hours.

    This program is an opportunity to acquire a broad base of knowledge on spiritual hygiene, ancestor veneration, and mediumship, and learn how to apply this knowledge towards the successful execution of your own spiritual hygiene routine.

    join today and immediately and kick start your spiritual hygiene regimen!