Spiritual Hygiene for Female Entrepreneurs

This course is derivative of my experiences as an entrepreneur operating in two industries: the art world and the healing/spiritual industries. It discusses and offers concrete, applicable advice for individuals operating in the creative and/or healing/wellness industries with a view towards sustaining and growing their own holistic personal development as well as the health and growth of their businesses.

2021 has been especially hard primarily because the pandemic is still with us. The economy, however, is behaving (or pretending to behave) as if all is well. There is a cognitive dissonance between our internal impulses, which are telling us to rest and caretake our health versus our business impulses, which are telling us to build, cultivate, set goals, and execute. In the midst of all that, as if that wasn’t enough, we continue to operate in a world that is generally dismissive of and disrespectful towards us, does not value our labor, and whose point of departure when engaging us is either envy or violence.

If you’re reading this, the who is clearly you! But let’s get into the nitty gritty. *ahem*

  • You are a female entrepreneur operating in a creative and/or healing and wellness industries;
  • You have experienced ongoing challenges with sustaining and growing your business as evidenced by slow downs in revenue and declining interest in your business;
  • You have experienced anxiety and/or depression as a result of the pandemic and are wondering if you will ever be able to operate personally and professionally at the caliber, and with the visibility and income, that you did previously;
  • You maintain a spiritual practice but you never considered that it could be used to grow, sustain, and protect your business;
  • You are seeking an intimate, proactive network of female entrepreneurs who believe in personal and professional support and growth that protects you from exploitative and extractive energies and helps you step into total alignment with the energy of abundance; and
  • You desire to realign yourself and your business around values that prioritize your health and wellness as well as the health and wellness of your business.


  • Money: $1,275
  • Time: 8 Saturday sessions starting June 11, twice per month for 4 months from 11 am - 12:30 pm PST:
    • June 11 and 25
    • July 9 and 23
    • August 6 and 20
    • September 3 and 17


  • Limited to 10 people;
  • Payment plans and guidelines
    • Pay in Full - $1276
    • Payment plans: Pay in 2 Halves - $638 or Pay in 4 parts - $319
    • All payments are automatically deducted from your payment method of choice and must be completed before the final class of the course;
  • All classes will be held live on Zoom and recorded;
  • Recorded class sessions and other useful information will stored in a DropBox folder for students only;
  • The DropBox files will remain available for all students for two weeks after the final class;
  • We will keep in touch as a group and individually for the duration of the class, via Telegram; and
  • The terms and conditions governing this course offering are listed here and are subject to change at any time.

I am creating an intimate container where we can decompress, brainstorm, strategize, and execute. We will be growing and flourishing together. See the payment options below and choose the one that best suits your needs.


Pay in Full

Payment Plan

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