Big Updates

Snippet of Sunday’s IG live discussing updates to my businesses. Full video

Key take aways: ART - / @negarraakudumu
HEALING - / @crossroadhealingarts

~ there will be a new art only newsletter launching at the beginning of November. If you are a newsletter subscriber and your interests are art and healing, you’ll receive both newsletters
~on October 26 at 6 pm PST, I’m going to do an IG live reflecting out loud on the recent Loophole of Retreat Conference in Venice during the 59th Venice Biennale
~new Patreon url
~ new Patreon tier titled Crossroad priced at $5
~ Spiritual Hygiene Member Circle is a new benefit for the Ngonda / Moon tier ($30) and above.
I look forward to engaging in one or both of my practices. Thank you for your interest and support.