Divination & Spiritual Work

We offer two types of divination: Tarot priced at $88 for 60 minutes and Ancestral Divination priced at $199 for 90 minutes.

Ancestral Divination

Spiritual work is offered in two ares: road opening and abundance and victory. The former is used to create opportunities connected to career and money, while the latter is best employed when needing to secure victory in a particular situation. Please note the Victory bundle does not include legal matters.


Not sure where to start?
Schedule an initial consultation to speak to Negarra about your healing needs.

This is an initial consultation where we will discuss in depth about your interest in healing, goals and priorities, and questions about the services offered by Crossroad Healing Arts. The session will last 45 minutes and the information gleaned will be used to provide recommendations for the services that will best meet your needs.