Meet The Founder, Negarra A. Kudumu

Negarra A. Kudumu / Founder & Director

Negarra A. Kudumu is an interlocutrice working at the intersection of art and healing with a focus on contemporary art from the Pacific Northwest, Africa, South Asia, and their respective diasporas. She is a priestess in the Palo Monte tradition; a lay person the Lukumi spiritual tradition; a practitioner of Muerterismo, Espiritismo Cruzado, Conjure, and also a level II Reiki practitioner. 

Negarra works with clients in the capacity of educator, coach, hypnotherapy, and spiritualist. Her objective is always to meet clients where they are, and support them - through earnest, transparent, and accountable facilitation - in achieving her. In her role as educator she runs an online community called THEE Communiversity, a forum for ongoing education about African and African rooted spiritual traditions with a focus on mutual aid and community building. As a spiritualist, she offers esoteric services - divination and spiritual works - in alignment with the pacts and agreements passed down to her from her elders, mentors, and ancestors. 

Background and Training:

  • Hypnotherapy, 2020 - present
    • Mentor: Andrew Nolan
  • Conjure, 2018 - present
    • Lineage: Congos and Senegambians of Mississippi, Sundry Bantus, Igbo, and Calabari of Alabama, Georgia, and Virginia
  • Reiki, 2013 - present
    • Attunement for levels I and II administered by Teisha Shaw 
  • Palo Monte, 2012 - present:
    • Rank: Yaya Nganga
    • Lineage: Brama Con Brama
    • Godparent: Yaya Teisha Shaw
  • Espiritismo Cruzado, 2012 - present
    • Mentor: Teisha Shaw
  • Muerterismo, 2012 - present 
    • Mentor: Teisha Shaw
  • Lukumi, 2005 - present
    • Rank: Aborisa
    • Lineage: Pimienta (Atare)
    • Godparent: Iyalorisa Sabrina Parham

To learn more about Negarra's art practice, visit this web site.