Spiritual Hygiene

The Spiritual Hygiene Member Circle is currently on hiatus.
If interested in Spiritual Hygiene offerings, please continue reading below to learn about the Custom Spiritual Hygiene 1-on-1 Membership.

Why sign up for the Custom Spiritual Hygiene 1-on-1 Mentorship?

This offering is for those who want to immerse themselves in an intimate learning environment that focuses specifically on either starting your spiritual practice or building upon your existing knowledge. Mentees benefit from:

  • a co-curated curriculum;
  • 4 or 8, 1-on-1 sessions held twice monthly on Zoom;
  • and access in between sessions via email to CEO Founder and CEO, Negarra A. Kudumu for added support.

Curriculum can include (but is not limited to):

  1. Spiritual connectivity

  2. Venerating and Communicating With Ancestors and Spirit Guides

  3. Maintenance of Your Ancestor Altars and Shrines

  4. Removing stagnancy and negativity, ushering in Dynamic and Generative Energies

  5. Establishing your spiritual hygiene schedule


This program is not a preparation for initiation. You will not participate in any spiritual rituals or ceremonies. You will not be initiated into any spiritual traditions. This program does not provide certification of any kind nor does participation in this program count towards professional development credits or clock hours.

This program is an opportunity to acquire a broad base of knowledge on spiritual hygiene, ancestor veneration, and mediumship, and learn how to apply this knowledge towards the successful execution of your own spiritual hygiene routine.